Sonntag, 23. Mai 2021


Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

Many of us already care about the environment and try to be green.

We try to save water, take glass bottles to the bottle banks and put paper and metal into special containers to be recycled. Furthermore, we take a basket or a reusable cloth carrier bag for shopping.

None of us drops litter in the street to keep the environment, fields and meadows safe for animals.

(class 3b, MS Gallneukirchen)

Going Green

In our discussion about „Going Green“ we found out that most families in our class already do a lot to protect the environment.

We separate our waste and try to save energy. Moreover, most of us usually go to school by bus, by bike or walk. Of course, it would be more comfortable to be taken to school by car, but that’s what we can contribute to keep the air clean.

(class 3a, MS Gallneukirchen)

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